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So You've Been Denied? 

If you've recently received a Denial Notice from your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office, you must act now! The Social Security Administration allows you 60 days to file your disability appeal. Don't give up, perhaps it's what the SSA wants you to do. The experts at Gramenos Law Group won't let you give up. We are here to help you file your disability appeal on time and with new medical evidence. 

Call us today for assistance with filing your timely appeal! 888-983-3890.

One of our compassionate experts will ask you to confidentially and securely fax or email us a copy of your recent disability application Denial Notice. We will then gather all details related to your case: i.e: why you cannot work, when you stopped working, whether your doctor told you to stop working, whether you have ever had a prior disability claim, etc. 

Once you have retained our firm, your case worker will file the appeal for you using the online appeal feature through the SSA website,  Utilizing our services will save you time and frustration. Let us take the reigns while you sit back and take care of your physical and/or mental health. 


Don't wait another day! Call now! 888-983-3890

Man thinking about his denial letter
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