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Please review the below Frequently Asked Questions

while your disability case is pending.

The below information should provide you with a clear understanding of what you can do in certain situations while awaiting a determination in your disability claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  I received an Application Summary by mail a few weeks after filing my new claim. What do I do with it?
Answer:  Yes! This is great news! After filing your application online the SSA will mail you an Application Summary/3rd Party Internet Application packet which requires you to review and sign attesting that you intended Gramenos Law Group file to file an internet application on your behalf. SSA may also include other documents to sign in this same mailing, and you should make sure to sign and return ALL documents as quickly as possible. Failure to sign and return all documents could mean that your case will not be processed! *Always keep copies before mailing anything back to SSA. 

Question:  I received paper packets from SSA/Disability Determination Services titled "Work History Report", "Adult Function Report", "Adult Function Report-3rd Party", "Pain Questionnaire", "Headache Questionnaire", etc.  Why do I have to complete these forms? Won't my attorney do this for me? 
Answer:  These forms are MANDATORY and failure to complete these forms could mean a denial of your claim.  SSA uses the information in these forms to assess your subjective ability to function and to better understand your levels of pain. It also gives SSA more detailed information about how you performed your past jobs. The information in these forms will be used in conjunction with the information that was provided in your application or appeal.  You, and only you, are best suited to complete these forms. Your attorney will not complete these forms for you. SSA will usually allow 10 business days to return the forms in the postage-paid envelopes provided.  Do NOT delay in returning the forms. *Always keep copies before mailing anything back to SSA. 

Question:  But I already completed the forms using Gramenos Law Group's electronic Jotform option.
Answer:  Great! If you have already completed the Work History and Adult Function reports using our easy links via Jotform then you need NOT complete the paper versions. We will submit both of them on your behalf to SSA. However, you should note that all other forms MUST be sent back in paper version (i.e. 3rd Party Function Reports, Pain Questionnaires, Headache Questionnaires, Seizure Questionnaires, etc.).  *Always keep copies before mailing anything back to SSA.
Easy Link Jotform: Adult Function Report
Easy Link Jotform: Work History Report

Question:  I recently saw my doctor and have updates about my medical condition to report, what do I do?
Answer:  Great! All new medical can be provided to Gramenos Law Group using our NEW MEDICAL LINK: - utilizing this form is essential in guaranteeing accurate reporting of ongoing medical care by GLG to the SSA and DDS offices. You can use this link as often as you'd like! 

Question:  I recently moved and/or got a new phone number. Do I have to tell SSA or my Attorney?
Answer: Yes, yes, yes! SSA must be able to communicate with you by phone and mail. You must tell GLG of any updates to your mailing address and/or phone number changes immediately. GLG can notify SSA about these updates on your behalf. Send us an email to and report address/phone number changes today! 

Question:  I haven't received a decision yet, why is it taking so long? 
Answer: Be patient. The SSA process for filing for and obtaining SSDI and SSI benefits is a long and complicated process. It is, however, very predictable. GLG staff is well-versed in understanding the timeframes in which we expect certain benchmark activity to take place in your claim. After all, this is why you hired an attorney, so you can put this out of your mind while we fight hard on your behalf. Rest-assured that if we do not hear from SSA when we expect to hear from them, we will reach out. Keep in mind that typically the rule is 6-6-12. 6 months for a decision after application; 6 months for a decision after filing your Reconsideration appeal; and 12 months for a scheduled hearing after filing a Request for Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. The total time could take up to 2 years before you have a court hearing. The hearing is when we see the most favorable results for our clients!

Question: What if I work while my case is pending? Will this hurt my claim? 
Answer: This depends. A claim for disability benefits at its core means that you "cannot work full-time due to a severe mental and/or physical impairment".  That being said, the operative words are "full-time". SSA measures full time work in the amount of money you make per month, or GROSS earnings. As a general rule for 2023 requires that you must not make more than $1,470 GROSS income per month, or your case could be detrimentally impacted. Thus, if you plan to work, even part-time, we recommend that you call or email GLG and discuss the terms with which you wish to engage in work activity so that we can best advise you on how it could impact your particular case. 888-983-3890 or

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