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Gramenos Law Group, LLC is an attorney partner with Claimify. Claimify is the leading technology provider of innovative solutions to the disability insurance industry. As a privately owned, independent company, Claimify builds a bridge between people receiving disability benefits and the insurers providing those benefits. With unique disability insurance offerings, such as Benefit Validation, Settlement Facilitation, Digital Documentation, and now Social Security Disability pathways, Claimify is paving the way with mutually beneficial solutions for insurers and claimants. By using technology to create new ways to deliver for claimants and insurers, Inc. 5000 business leader Claimify makes the disability insurance experience more accessible and transparent for everyone involved.

Attorney Diana Gramenos-Dowd is proud and honored to be one of Claimify's trusted attorney partners offering unparalleled service to those struggling to obtain benefits that they've earned!

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