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Gramenos Law Group, A History

As a young practitioner, many clients and colleagues often ask me how I got into this area of practice. I've exclusively practiced SSD representation for 10 years, taking my first SSI case in 2008. The gentleman I represented was referred to me by the National Organization of Social Security Disability Representatives ( I've been a regular member since 2008. The man that I helped was denied benefits at his hearing ( He hired me in order to argue that the ALJ erroneously denied his case. I cannot recall the exact details of his claim, but I do recall that he was homeless, without any family to rely on, and he had no income whatsoever to live. He was also a Veteran. I do know that his case was primarily mental health related; which is notoriously more difficult to argue in comparison with spinal disorders or cardiac related impairments where the medical evidence is much less subjective in nature.

I spent several days outlining this gentleman's claim. I drafted a memorandum in support of a favorable determination/reversal of decision based on error. I submitted the memorandum to the Appeals Council and waited. Most of us know that the U.S. Government is not a fast-moving machine, to say the least. The average wait time at the Appeals Council is approximately 15 months ( My client had already spent over two years waiting for his hearing, which was denied. He now had to wait even longer....

I finally received the Appeals Council decision and it was a full reversal and favorable determination! I was elated. I remember talking to my client and feeling such joy when sharing this good news with him. He no longer had to be homeless; he could afford medical care and medications; he could finally move on with his life and put this entire experience in the past.

It was at that moment that I knew that this line of work was far more rewarding than the petty crimes and low level felonies that I was defending through my local county referral service. I also handled one divorce case, and well,

Diana Gramenos, at her downtown Chicago office.

that was as unpleasant as I had imagined.

I am happy to report that I have represented over 1,000 disabled Americans in their fight to acquire disability benefits. Though not all of my clients win, I do know that I give each client everything I have when it comes to fighting hard for their benefits. My business is run on the motto that I will put their "best case forward" from start to finish. I can say that I've delivered on that without a doubt.

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